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Registration details in Uzbekistan

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing GLOBAL CONNECT – the best tour operator in Uzbekistan that provides the cheapest travel services.

As our company is providing you with a letter of invitation to Uzbekistan, it takes responsibility for you and your actions during your whole period of stay in Uzbekistan, including registration of your stay.  Most of travel companies “make” tourists to buy hotels from them to avoid the problems with registration.  But our company doesn’t “make” you to do that in order to help you avoiding extra charges.

We can help you find any type of accommodation depending on your budget. We will book your accommodations and you can pay at hotels' desk on arrival without losing any bank transfer commissions.  You will not be charged for that, it is totally free service for our clients.

Please read the following instructions very carefully!

Registration in Uzbekistan is very important and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered promptly. By law, all foreigners must be registered within 72 hours of arrival (excluding weekends and public holidays, but including the day when you arrive, even if this is after office hours). It is not allowed to stay without registration, as this is illegal! If you leave the country within 72 hours of arrival you are free from registration.

Please, be careful when choosing your accommodations, don’t be cheated by attractive prices or any discounts. You have to choose legal and licensed hotels, hostels or guest houses and you will be registered automatically and free of charge. You pay only the hotel fee. The hotel s will provide you with a registration paper. Do not lose this paper. You must keep this registration paper to present at customs control when leaving the country. 

Note: This only applies to tourist visa. Business and private visa holders MUST be registered individually at OVIR by the inviting party.

Safety and security rules

We kindly ask you not to break the local laws and rules in order to avoid any inconvenience. As we mentioned before we will be responsible for your registration during your stay. Please fill the form below for our company's report that MUST match with hotels' report. If you didn't choose your accommodation yet, you have to inform us at least a day before your check-in.

We wish you to enjoy your travel and gain new experiences in sunny Uzbekistan!

With kind regards,


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