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Uzbekistan Theatres

Information about the theatres in Uzbekistan

Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre in Tashkent

The theatrical life of Uzbekistan is quite different. There are 35 state theaters, including two opera and ballet in Tashkent and Samarkand, 10 music and drama theaters, as well as dolls theaters nationwide. Also, Russian music and drama theaters operate in Tashkent, Samarkand and Ferghana.

Most of the theatres are located in capital city of Uzbekistan. Here is the list of most leading theatres in Uzbekistan: 


  • Ilkhom Theatre
  • Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan
  • The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre named after Alisher Navoi
  • Uzbek National Academic Drama Theatre
  • National Theatre for Young People named Yu Akhunbabayev
  • Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan
  • Republican puppet theater
  • Operetta Theatre (Tashkent State Theater of Musical Comedy)
  • Drama Theatre. Abror Khidoyatov
  • Uzbek Theater of Musical Drama and Comedy Mukimi
  • Theatre "Ofarin" dance


  • Samarkand Regional Theater of Music and Drama named after Hamid Alimdjan
  • Samarkand Russian Theater. Anton Chekhov
  • Regional Puppet Theater named A.Dzhuraeva


  • State Theatre of Drama and Comedy. Akhunbabayev


  • Karakalpak Music and Drama Theatre named after Stanislavsky
  • Karakalpak State Musical Theatre Berdakh


  • Ferghana Regional State Russian Drama Theatre


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