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Recommended Internet Tariff

"Affordable Internet" tariff

Permanent access to Internet!

  100 Mb for Telegram

  8 Mb for Internet daily* (until 26.07.2017)

  100% of the traffic as a bonus when connecting monthly Internet bundles

  1 Mb of Internet for $0.01**

Cost of moving to the tariff – $0***

Swap to "Affordable Internet" tariff is available via 




Daily subscriber fee


Daily limit  MB  (assigned for 30 days)


Monthly limit  MB  for Telegram  (until the end of the month)


Price per minute of airtime

All incoming calls


Outgoing calls within network


Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan


Price per SMS

Outgoing SMS within network


Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan


Outgoing International SMS


Price per MMS

Outgoing MMS within network and Uzbekistan


Outgoing International MMS


Price per MB Internet

Ucell Internet - 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE (Day-time 9:00-01:00a.m)


Ucell Internet - 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE (Night-time 01:00-9:00a.m.)



Additional terms


Ucell provides 100 MB monthly for Telegram within the tariff without additional subscription fees.
Moreover, you will get bonus as 100% volume of traffic available from 01:00 AM till 09:00 AM upon monthly data packages activation.
If you swap tariff plans from "Affordable Internet" or "ONLINE", night traffic accumulated from "Monthly Internet-package" is set to zero.

Detailed terms:

  • Daily MB are assigned for 30 days;
  • Charging step for internet traffic equal to 32КB, instead of the usual 128/64 KB;
  • You can check the amount of assigned minutes, SMS, megabytes via USSD-request to *102#;
  • In the case of activation of one of the packages "Daily Internet package" or "Weekly Internet package" on TP"Affordable Internet", MB summarized;
  • If you deactivate one of the packages "Daily Internet package" or "Weekly Internet package"  MB accumulated under the TP, as well as the package "Daily Internet package" or "Weekly Internet package", are deactivated;
  • Call and SMS to content services and international destinations will be charged in accordance to service price lists;
  • Subscriber fee is charged in active status, regardless of the balance on the balance sheet;
  • Tariff "Affordable Internet" is available only for subscribers of Prepaid service system;
  • When swapping from the "More" to "Affordable Internet" tariff plan, Internet traffic provided for replenishment of the balance in the "More" tariff plan will be available only for usage of Telegram application.

To switch to the tariff "Affordable Internet" You can, send request to the short number *120#.

Cost of switch ing to the tariff – $0.50 (for successful transition). Swap to "Affordable Internet" tariff plan for free*** from the following TP until 26.07.2017:
"ОК", "Simple", "AMONG FRIENDS", "Happy 25", "More!", "Home", "Thankfully!", "Easy to remember", "ONLINE", "Positive", "Fresh"

All prices include VAT.

Swap to the tariff from all other tariff plans is $0.50

Feel the immensity of the mobile Internet with a new affordable tariff!

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