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Tour to in Nurata and Sentob village

Home stay in Nurata and Sentob village

Day tour to Nurata: Visit historical sights of Nurata and stay at a traditional house with a local family of Local guide Ruslan. Ruslan`s family produces Suzani handmade traditional embroidery for delight inside room. In the beautiful shady yard and a cozy Ayvon for visitors to eat relax or read a book. There are hammam (warm bath) and free Wi-Fi. You can watch or participate in the preparation traditional dishes or bread baking in a tandyr oven.

Duration: 3 days/2 nights
Itinerary: Samarkand-Nurata-Dungalak Desert-Lake Aydar-Sentob-Samarkand
Language: Russian, English, German, French, Chineese, Korean, Japan 
Number of persons on tour: up to 10 people
Cost of the tour: Price from $130 per person

Nurata Tour Photos 

Sentob Mountains Sentob Village Sentob
People of Sentob Village Village Sentyab Sentob sights

Tour itinerary: 

Day 1: Samarkand-Nurata

07:00 Transfer to Nurata by car
10:00 Arrive in Nurata.
10:20 Meet with a local Guide Ruslan at the complex Chashma Spring and start the excursion
11:00 Go up to the hills to visit the remains of the fortress of Alexander the Great
12:30 A traditional lunch at Ruslan's home
13:30 Watch how Ruslan's family produces handmade Suzani
14:20 Visit the Kariz - The construction of kariz is a unique underground water pipeline  system near Nurata which is also connected with the name of the Alexander the Great
15:30 Drive to Chuya valley in the shadow of Mount Nurata Ak Tov Mountain
16:10 Arrive in Chuya valley. Trekking
18:00 Drive back to Nurata
19:00 Dinner with Ruslan's family
22:00 Overnight at Ruslan's home

Day 2: Nurata-Dungalak Desert-Lake Aydar-Sentob

08:00 Breakfast with the family
09:00 Trekking into Zulkarnayn village - a very small  village that dates back to the time of Alexander the Great. Visit Petroglyphs and tombs (5 hours trekking)
12:00 Picnic at the village and back to Ruslan's home
14:00 Drive to Lake Aydar through the Dungalak Desert
15:00 Arrive in Lake Aydar. Swimming and watching
18:00 Drive to Sentob village
18:30 Arrive in Sentob village
20:00 Dinner ith local family
22:00 Overnight at local guest house

Day 3: Sentob-Samarkand

08:00 Breakfast with the family
09:00 Visit waterfall Obji, trekking and sightseeing
12:00 Pic-nick at the mountains
16:00 Drive back to Samarkand
19:00 Arrive in Samarkand



Number of persons             Type                                     
1-3 Car (with air conditioning)
4-10 Minivan (with air conditioning)


Number of persons Price per person
in USD
1 330
2 175
3 130
4 420
5 340
6 285
7 270
8 250
9 235
10 210

Price includes 
  • Transportation service during the tour;
  • Accommodation in Nurata
  • A traditional Lunch at Ruslan's Home;
  • A tradeitional Dinner at Ruslan's Home;
  • A traditional Breakfast at Ruslan's Home;
  • A Picnic in Zulkarnayn village;
  • Guide service in Nurata region;
  • Entrance fees to the Complex Chashma Spring;
  • Lunch at Lake Aydar;
  • Accommodation in Sentob;
  • Breakfast with local famliy in Sentob;
  • Picnic in Sentob