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Tours to Uzbekistan

Tours to Uzbekistan

Welcome to Uzbekistan - the Heart of Central Asia. Discover the history and heritage of Uzbekistan. Visit the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent. Explore local culture and traditions and enjoy the hospitality of Uzbekistan people.

Tour Operator GLOBAL CONNECT offers Private and Group Tours to Uzbekistan’s most interesting destinations and attractions. We offer a wide range of private and group tours for individuals and groups and we adjust the itinerary to your interest, ideas and time frame. Private guiding is available in all major languages.

We are able to create a special custom Uzbekistan tour according to your own wishes and preferences. Let us know your wishes and assist you for personalized tours in Uzbekistan.

GLOBAL CONNECT team has over 10 years of experience in touring Uzbekistan. We have a strong experience in organizing an exclusive Uzbekistan custom tours depending on the individual preferences & budget.

Our custom made tours are specially planned to provide our clients with the high level services, it doesn't matter whether you are a holiday or business traveler.

Whatever may be your Uzbekistan trip budget, we arrange the tours to enable you to visit and experience the maximum number of unique, natural and cultural sights of Uzbekistan.

Most Popular and Top Selling Tour Packages in Uzbekistan:

Charming Uzbekistan

Along the Great Silk Road

Classical Tour to Uzbekistan

Charming Uzbekistan
5 days/4 nights

Along the Great Silk Road
6 days/5 nights
Classical Tour to Uzbekistan
7 days/6 nights

Ancient Cities Tour to Uzbekistan

Cultural Tour Magic Land tour to Uzbekistan

Ancient Tour to Uzbekistan
8 days/7 nights

Cultural Tour to Uzbekistan
8 days/7 nights
Magic Land Tour to Uzbekistan
8 days/7 nights

Discovery Tour to Uzbekistan

Adventure Tour Aral Sea Tour to Uzbekistan
Discovery Tour to Uzbekistan
12 days/11 nights
Adventure Tours to Uzbekistan
15 days/14 nights
Aral Sea Tour to Uzbekistan
2 days/1 night

Mountain Tour

Weekend tour to Uzbekistan Day Tour to Uzbekistan

Mountain Tours to Uzbekistan

Weekend Tour to Uzbekistan
2 days/1 night
Day Tour to Uzbekistan
1 day (8 hours)

Tour to Nurata Mountains

Tour to Chimgan Mountains Kazakhstan tours
Tour to Nurata Mountains
Sightseeing, home staying and
hiking in Nurata Mountains
Tour to Chimgan Mountains
Hiking tours in and around
Chimgan Mountains
Cultural tours to Kazakhstan
Cultural, Sightseeing and
Excursion tours to Kazakhstan