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Barak-khan Madrasah

Barak-khan Madrasah

The Madrasah of Barak-han was formed in 15th-16th centuries out of edifices, which occurred at different times. The initial body was a mausoleum east of the actual complex. The second element was two-cupola Mausoleum-Khanaka, of Tashkent's ruler Soyunidj Khan Shaybani, 1530. In the middle of 16th century the complex was rearranged into madrasah. The complex was named after of that time's ruler, Nauruz-Ahmed, nicknamed, Barakhan. The entrance portal to the Madrasah of Barakhan isn't characteristic for Tashkent in way of its decoration. Its bay is topped with a vault "colab-cory"; tympanum and pylons are decorated with carved bricks and various mosaics. The name of the master who restored colab-cory in 1955-63 is Usta Shirin Muradov. The madrasah proportions: outward: 73 x 44 m., courtyard: 33 x 27,5 m.

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