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Interesting Facts about Albania

Albania Interesting Facts

Albania, officially People's Socialist Republic of Albania, is a country in Europe. Here are some interesting facts about Albania:

  • Religion was completely banned during the communist era (1941-1992), making Albania the first atheist country in the world. Many mosques and churches were burned down during the reign of Enver Hoxha. However, Albania is currently dominated by Islam.
  • Most Albanians live outside the country.
  • Albania has over 750,000 bunkers.
  • There is no McDonald's in Albania.
  • One of the famous traditions of Albania is "Xhiro". During that day, early in the evening, Albanians will leave their homes and go for a walk along the main road of the place where they live.
  • Albanians are one of the nations that like to drink a lot of coffee. There are a lot of coffee shops in the country.
  • 70% of Albania is occured with mountains.
  • Albanian language is one of the difficult languages to learn.
  • Albanians shake their heads when they say yes and nod when they say no.
  • Mother Teresa is a notable figure in Albania, in fact that she was Albanian. Moreover, Mother Teresa is the only Albanian to win a Nobel prize.
  • Shkoder is a city in Albania where there is no traffic light at all, not even one. It is also one of the oldest cities on the continent.
  • Before gaining independence, Albania was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, then under the rule of Italy, then the Communists, Russians and Chinese.
  • The most common souvenir from Albania is a pair of opinga. These are traditional Albanian shoes worn by both sexes.
  • If a bird poops on any part of your body or a child pees on you, Albanians consider it good luck.
  • Albanians call the country "Shqiperi".
  • The national song of Albania is "Himni I Flamurit".
  • Albania is a member of NATO, but it is not a member of the EU.
  • Albania's national day is November 28, during that day you can see the national dress.
  • Albania's largest body of water is the beautiful Skadar Lake, a great place for outdoor adventures.
  • Education is free in Albania for children of primary and secondary school age.
  • The Albanian eagle has existed since 1190, when it was discovered in stone carvings.
  • The Republic of Albania borders with Greece to the south, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the east and Montenegro and Kosovo to the north.

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