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Our Team

Global Connect Team

GLOBAL CONNECT team has over 10 years of experience in touring Uzbekistan. We have a strong experience in organizing an exclusive Uzbekistan custom tours depending on the individual preferences and budget.

Our custom made tours are specially planned to provide our clients with the high level services, it doesn't matter whether you are a holiday or business traveler.

Whatever may be your Uzbekistan trip budget, we arrange the tours to enable you to visit and experience the maximum number of unique, natural and cultural sights of Uzbekistan.

Naimov Aziz
Chief of Transport Department

Aziz is exceptional team member with his strong organization and coordination skills. He is very friendly and dedicated.

He is responsible for transportation services for our tourists.

Farmonova Munisa
Professional English speaking guide
Fayziyev Davlat
German speaking Senior Travel Consultant

Davlat is an enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and very patient German Speaking Senior Travel Consultant with more than eight years of experience in consultation and guidance on all destinations of Uzbekistan.

He is an excellent communicator with the ability to communicate with customers at all levels.

Pulatov Aziz
Travel consultant
Abdusalamov Sindor
Sindor is a talented and experienced travel manager with strong management abilities. He is an expert in preparing detailed itineraries for travelers.

He is extremely motivated and strong team player with ability to perform as a trainer with newly hired staff.

Monica Shams
Manager and Co-Founder of GLOBAL CONNECT
Karimov Anvar
General Manager, Founder of GLOBAL CONNECT
Niyazov Akmal
Professional English speaking guide