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Letter of Invitation to Uzbekistan (LOI)

Letter of Invitation to Uzbekistan

To get a Letter of Invitation to Uzbekistan (LOI), please do the following:

  1. Fill out Uzbekistan Visa Support / Letter of Invitation (LOI) FormDownload Form
  2. Email us a good quality scan of your passport
  3. Email us a scan of an employment letter (retirees and housewives don't need it)

Flight tickets itinerary or flight reservation form is required only if visa is to be obtained on arrival at the International Airports of Uzbekistan.

Once we have received all above required documents and payment, we will submit your documents for approval by the Uzbek authorities. The approval period is about3-5 working days.

Many travel agents "make" tourists buy a tour package with a fixed itinerary. Our company doesn't "make" you do that.

Once your application is approved we will send you Visa Application Form and Letter of Invitation (LOI). As soon as you receive the papers you can apply for your Uzbek visa at the requested Embassy.

Why do 84% of tourists choose us?

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Cities and countries where an Uzbek visa can be obtained:
  • Abu Dhabi - The United Arab Emirates
  • Almaty - Kazakhstan
  • Ankara - Turkey
  • Ashkhabad - Turkmenistan
  • Athens - Greece
  • Baku - Azerbaijan
  • Bangkok - Thailand
  • Beijing - China
  • Berlin - Germany
  • Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan
  • Brussels - Belgium
  • Bukhara - Uzbekistan
  • Cairo - Egypt
  • Dubai - The United Arab Emirates
  • Dushanbe - Tajikistan
  • Frankfurt am Main - Germany
  • Islamabad - Pakistan
  • Istanbul - Turkey
  • Jakarta - Indonesia
  • Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
  • Kabul - Afghanistan
  • Kiev - Ukraine
  • Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
  • Kuwait - Kuwait
  • London - The United Kingdom
  • Madrid - Spain
  • Mazare-Sharif - Afghanistan
  • Moscow - Russia
  • New Delhi - India
  • New York - The United States
  • Novosibirsk - Russia
  • Nukus - Uzbekistan
  • Paris - France
  • Riga - Latvia
  • Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • Rome - Italy
  • Samarkand - Uzbekistan
  • Seoul - South Korea
  • Shanghai - China
  • Singapore - Singapore
  • Tashkent Airport - Uzbekistan
  • Tashkent MFA - Uzbekistan
  • Tehran - Iran
  • Tel Aviv - Israel
  • Termez - Uzbekistan
  • Tokyo - Japan
  • Urgench - Uzbekistan
  • Vienna - Austria
  • Warsaw - Poland
  • Washington - The United States
  • Letter of invitation to Uzbekistan up to 30 days - 55 USD per person
  • Children under 12 – half price!
  • 10 USD for each additional entry (double or triple entry visa)

Free of charge if you purchase a tour package with tour operator GLOBAL CONNECT.

We accept bank transfer and the following methods of payment:

Methods of payment to GLOBAL CONNECT

If you have any questions give us a call or email us

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