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Interesting Facts about Australia

Australia Interesting Facts

Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in Australia. Here are some interesting facts about Australia:

  • Instead of Sydney, Canberra serves as Australia's capital.
  • The world's most unusual plants and animals may be found in Australia.
  • More than 60 distinct species of kangaroos may be found in Australia.
  • The nation's official currency is the Australian dollar.
  • One of the most famous structures in the world is the Sydney Opera House, which is situated on Sydney Harbour.
  • The biggest desert in Australia is the Great Victoria Desert, which can be found in South and Western Australia.
  • One of the few animals that lay eggs is the platypus, a rare creature that is endemic to Australia.
  • The eucalyptus trees, koalas, wallabies, and wombats that are found in Australia are among the world's most distinctive plants and animals.
  • Australia is an island and is encircled by three oceans: the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Indian Ocean to the west, and the Southern Ocean to the south.
  • There are 20 places in Australia that are on the World Heritage List, including old towns, cities, and landscapes.
  • The Nullabor Plain, which is also the world's longest straight road, is home to the world's longest golf course, an unusual 18-hole par 72 layout that spans two states (WA and SA) and is a staggering 1,365 km (850 miles) long.
  • The national cake of Australia, called Lamingtons, was named after Lord Lamington, who detested them, referring to them as "those awful poofy fuzzy biscuits."
  • Australia has 10,685 beaches, therefore it would take more than 29 years to visit one of them every day.
  • Australia has more than 60 recognized wine districts, most of which are in Victoria and New South Wales, and they jointly produce almost 1.35 trillion bottles of wine year.
  • The Cadbury's Cherry Ripe chocolate bar, which debuted in 1924, is the oldest chocolate bar in Australia.
  • More snowfall than Switzerland often falls on the Australian Alps.
  • The world's purest air is found in Tasmania.
  • Greater in size than the entirety of the United Kingdom is the Great Victoria Desert.
  • Moomba, the biggest free event in Australia, which takes place in Melbourne, is pronounced "up your bum" in several Aboriginal languages.
  • The Great Ocean Road was constructed by and in honor of the returning and fallen men from the First World War, and it is the biggest war memorial in the world.

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