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Interesting Facts about Bangladesh

Bangladesh Interesting Facts

Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in Asia. Here are some interesting facts about Bangladesh:

  • One of the world's longest beaches is in Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh has over 700 rivers that run through it.
  • Bangladesh is referred to as "The Land of Six Seasons" with good cause. There are six distinct seasons in the nation: summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. Each season has unique qualities, and the Bengali calendar designates a celebration for each one. While the winter is cloudy and has shorter days, the summer is warm and bright. Unsurprisingly, the rainy season is just that - rainy. King, commonly known as spring, is well-liked by the public. The flowers are at their fullest and smell their best.
  • Farming is what the vast majority of people do. Around 70% of the population is thought to be engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is the primary source of income for many Bangladeshi households and the main employer.
  • The second-fastest river in the world, after the Amazon, is in Bangladesh. Padma is the name of it.
  • The left hand is seen as impure in Bangladesh. When eating, sharing food, or distributing business cards, the right hand is employed.
  • Before 1971, Bangladesh did not exist as a nation. The Bengal area was dominated by a number of Indian, Turkic, and Mughal rulers over the years, in addition to the British.
  • One of the largest bank robberies in recent memory was committed against the Bangladesh Central Bank in February 2016. Hackers attempted to steal almost $1 billion through 35 smaller SWIFT Network transactions passing through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Bangladeshi people don't typically smile since they view it as a sign of immaturity.
  • In the native Bangla language, the term Bangladesh refers to "The People of Bengal". Bangladesh People's Republic is the nation's full name.
  • Bangladesh ranks eighth in the world in terms of population, with a total of 156.6 residents.
  • The Royal Bengal tiger is Bangladesh's national animal. It may be heard roaring up to three kilometers distant.
  • Bangladesh's most popular sport is cricket. The national cricket squad of Bangladesh competed in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. It was granted Test status in 2000, which is a distinction in international cricket.
  • The Saka Haphong in the Mowdok Range's southeast is Bangladesh's highest peak. It is 1,052 m (3,451 ft) tall.
  • The national sport of Bangladesh is kabaddi.
  • Rabindranath Tagore wrote the lyrics of the country's hymn.
  • The Magpie Robin, also known as Doyel or Doel, is Bangladesh's national bird.
  • Bangladesh's low height prevents the ground from ever freezing. In Jessore during the winter of 2011, a low of 4.5°C set the record for the lowest temperature ever. 
  • In Bangladesh, 30% of people are considered to be poor. The general quality of life in the nation has been rising, nevertheless.
  • Rocks are in low supply in Bangladesh for building. To utilize as rocks during building, they manufacture bricks and smash them.

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