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Interesting Facts about Dominica

Dominica Interesting Facts

Dominica, officially Commonwealth of Dominica, is a country in North America. Here are some interesting facts about Dominica:

  • The flag of Dominica was adopted on November 3, 1978 and Dominica's coat of arms was adopted on July 21, 1961.
  • The second-largest boiling lake in the world, behind New Zealand, is located in Dominica.
  • Dominica has the highest number of active volcanoes in the world with nine.
  • Many of Dominica's beaches feature natural blank sand because of the island's high concentration of volcanoes.
  • At Champagne Beach, you can see volcanic springs rising from the ocean floor.
  • The spectacular tropical rain forests that occupy more than two-thirds of Dominica are the island's most intriguing feature.
  • In the country, Wotten Waven, which is adjacent to the capital Roseau, is one of the most well-liked hot springs destinations.
  • The first long-distance hiking trail in the Caribbean can be found in the Dominican Republic, this 183-kilometer (115-mile) track is one of the most distinctive.
  • It is a different island (and country) in the eastern Caribbean, over 600 miles away from the Dominican Republic.
  • The Sisserou parrot is Dominica's national bird.
  • 75% of the Dominica's land is covered in rainforest.
  • The natural island offers 365 rivers, including one famous river called the Indian, which flows into the Caribbean Sea.
  • Dominica is one of the best places for diving, snorkeling and whale watching.
  • National parks protect a large portion of Dominica.
  • Christopher Columbus, an explorer, gave Dominica its name.
  • The volcanic Morne Dialatnis is Dominica's tallest peak.
  • Roseau is Dominica's capital.
  • The official language of Dominica is English.
  • In Dominica, Christianity is the most popular religion.
  • A dangerous species of frog known as the “Mountain Chicken” lives in Dominica.
  • The Commonwealth of Dominica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. It shares maritime borders with Guadeloupe.

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