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Interesting Facts about Malaysia

Malaysia Interesting Facts

Malaysia, officially Malaysia, is a country in Asia. Here are some interesting facts about Malaysia:

  • In 1957, the nation proclaimed its independence from the British Empire.
  • Approximately half of Malaysia's estimated 31 million populations are Malays. Chinese, Indians, and diverse indigenous peoples are further noteworthy groups.
  • Before 2004, the highest structures in the world were the Kuala Lumpur-based Petronas Towers. The two towers are still the highest in the world, measuring 451.9 meters (1,483 ft) high and having 88 storeys.
  • Mount Kinabalu, which is located on the island of Borneo, is the highest peak in Malaysia. The height of Mount Kinabalu is 4,095 m/13,435 ft.
  • Due to its proximity to the equator, Malaysia has two distinct seasons of rain. There is a lot of humidity.
  • The primary agricultural products in Malaysia include rice, bananas, coconuts, cacao, pineapples, and chocolate.
  • The majority of Malaysian recipes include beef, chicken, shellfish, beef, noodles, peanuts, and chilli.
  • Mohamad Hamzah, a 29-year-old architect who won the 1963 flag design competition, created the Malaysian flag.
  • The only nation in the world to have territory on both the Southeast Asian mainland and the islands that lie between Asia and Oceania is Malaysia.
  • The Malayan Tiger is a native of Malaysia, but sadly, there are currently only 350 Malayan Tigers left in the world, making the species severely endangered.
  • One of the tallest tropical trees in the world is the Tualang, which has a base diameter of over 10 feet and may reach heights of 262 feet, is found in Malaysia.
  • The name Malaysia stems from the terms, "Malay" (relating to a group of people) and "ia", a Latin-Greek suffix. The name of the nation translates to "land of the Malay".
  • Negaraku is the song that represents Malaysia. The Perak area formerly used it as their anthem.
  • Malaysia holds authority of 878 islands. Some islands are inhabited while others are too distant to be reachable.
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, sometimes known as the hibiscus, is Malaysia's national flower. The decision was made formally on July 28, 1960. Its gorgeously brilliant hues symbolize the vigor and bravery of Malaysians.
  • Malaysia's climate is tropical rainforest, which means it has warm, humid, and sunny weathers on most days and loads of rainfall starting in October through March.
  • The three main languages spoken in Malaysia are Tamil, Mandarin, and Bahasa Malay. There are 137 languages spoken in the nation as a whole, though.
  • In Malaysia, saying "Salaam" is the customary verbal greeting. However, people of various races can also shake hands as they meet one another.
  • In a formal greeting, a Malaysian will take hold of the other person's right hand with both of their hands, bow slightly, and then place their right hand over their heart.
  • The Twin Towers' connecting bridge is the tallest skybridge in the whole globe. It is located on floors 41 and 42.
  • Malaysia shares land and maritime borders with Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore.

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