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Interesting Facts about Russia

Russia Interesting Facts

Russia, officially the Russian Federation, is a country in Europe and Asia. Here are some interesting facts about Russia:

  • Russia is the biggest country in the world.
  • The longest railway in the world is in Russia.
  • There are 12 active volcanos in Russia.
  • One of the world's busiest metros are in Russia.
  • Russia is the largest country in the world by land mass.
  • The national dance of Russia is Folk dancing.
  • The coldest village in the world is in Russia.
  • Alaska was sold to United States by Russia.
  • Russia has 11 time zones.
  • Russian's lake Baikal has more water than any other lake in the world.
  • Vodka was actually first invented in Poland.
  • 20% of the world's trees are in Russia.
  • The largest fortress in the world is located in Russia.
  • Tetris was invented in Russia.
  • Russian cats are employed at the Hermitage Museum.
  • Russians are tought not to smile at school.
  • It would take you 6 years to see everything in the Hermitage Museum, if you spent 2 minutes at each exibit.
  • The distance between the US and Russia is 4 km.
  • The first human journeyed into outer space was Russian.
  • It is possible to visit the head of the Soviet Union - Vladimir Lenin at Red Square.
  • Saint Petersburg has a great underground.
  • Russian population speaks at least 270 languages and dialects.
  • Moscow is home to more billionaires than anywhere else in the world.
  • The Russian Federation was created in on December 25, 1991.
  • The most popular animal in Russia is a Siberian Tiger.
  • Russia shares land borders with 14 countries. Here are the countries that border Russia: Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea.

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