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Interesting Facts about Vatican

Vatican Interesting Facts

Vatican, officially Stato della Città del Vaticano, is a country in Europe. Here are some interesting facts about Vatican:

  • The Vatican is an enclave state located in Rome.
  • The state structure of the Vatican is a theocratic monarchy.
  • Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world.
  • The Vatican is the only country in the world where not a single child was born in 1983.
  • 100% of the population of the Vatican is Catholic.
  • The Vatican is not a member of the UN and the EU.
  • The famous Swiss are the Vatican's own army.
  • There are 78 names of the Vatican on the map.
  • There aren't airports and prisons in Vatican.
  • The Italian embassy is located on the territory of Italy itself, namely in the Vatican.
  • The Vatican is not surrounded by a wall.
  • The Vatican has its own railway 852 meters long.
  • The Vatican does not have a divorce procedure in its legal framework.
  • 95% of the inhabitants of the Vatican are men.
  • The Vatican is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The Vatican has no GDP.
  • The Vatican is less than 100 years old. It formed in 1929.
  • The official name of the Vatican in Italy is Citta Del Vaticano or Stato Della Citta del Vaticano.
  • The Vatican City, which is an independent city-state and the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world, does not have any land borders. It is completely surrounded by the city of Rome, Italy. The borders of the Vatican City are defined by walls and gates, and it is geographically an enclave within Rome.

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