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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Uzbekistan

1. Breathtaking Architectural Monuments of East Style

Traveling to Uzbekistan allows you to take a step back in time. Since Uzbekistan was the center of the Great Silk Road, the country is rich in monuments of different styles of the ancient East. The monuments are covered with delightful patterns and inscriptions in Arabic. Topped with gorgeous blue tiles.

2. Uzbekistan National Cuisine

One of the most delicious cuisine in the world is Uzbek cuisine. Uzbekistan has shared many dishes and culinary traditions with its Central Asian neighbors over the years. All Uzbek dishes mainly consist of meat and fat is often used in many different dishes, but pork is never used in Uzbek cuisine. The main Uzbek national food is Plov (pilaf, palov, osh). Interesting fact that some of the Uzbek dishes are cooked only by men.

3. Uzbek Local Bazaars

Shopping in Uzbekistan is a wonderful experience since the country is located in the center of Eurasian continent and main routes of the Great Silk Roads uniting East and West passed through the territory of present-day Uzbekistan, which was one of the places, where the first civilizations emerged and developed. It is hardly imaginable to visit Uzbekistan and not to visit the shops that are called “Bazaars” which offer really good bargain. People who come from other countries and visit Bazaars are amazed with the sweet, juicy, sun-enriched fruit. Local traders sell various fresh products including "dried fruit" – coragha, dried figs, melons, almonds, raisins, prunes sesame seeds in sugary syrup, peanuts, walnuts and others. All bazaars in Uzbekistan have their own unique atmosphere. 

4. Uzbek Carpets

There is no such a house in Uzbekistan, where there would be no carpet. Carpet weaving, being one of the types of Uzbek arts and crafts. Cotton and wool were the main raw materials from the products of agriculture and animal husbandry. The types and techniques of making classic Uzbek carpets are well known thanks to samples kept in various museums around the world.

5. Walk Along the Uzbek Mahallas

It comes from the Arabic mahali, which means “local”. The term mahalla is officially used in Uzbekistan to refer to a district, local community, or state administrative unit. Mahala is a whole community with its own laws, economy and council of elders.

6. Chance to Become a Nomad in Uzbekistan

There are many Yurt Camps in Uzbekistan offering to plunge into the nomadic lifestyle. Yurt Camps are located in different parts of Uzbekistan, you can choose a place both in the desert and in the mountains.

7. Dried Lake With Sunken Ships in Uzbekistan

Aral Sea was an endorheic lake lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The fourth largest lake in the world began shrinking in the 1960s and had largely dried up by the 2010s. Nowadays, there left sandy-salty desert and the sunken ships. 

8. Safety in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is on the list of the safest countries to travel in. All crowded places are patrolling by tourist police and each city has a large number of police stations.

9. Uzbek Unique Folk Song and Dances

There are two common Uzbek dances, which are traditional classic dance and folk dance. Each region in Uzbekistan has its own style of dance and song. Most of the dances are solo and Uzbekistan has a great variety of musical instruments.

10. Uzbeks are Welcoming People

Uzbeks are lovely, pleasing and friendly people. They are always ready to help even if you are stranger. There is always a smile on their faces.