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Uzbek Cuisine

Popular Uzbek Dishes

Uzbek Cuisine

The basic ingredients of Uzbek dishes are flour, meat (beef or mutton), vegetables, herbs and spices. Uzbek dishes are rich in calories, due to a considerable amount of oil. Cottonseed oil and sunflower oil are most used. Fat is often used in many different dishes, but pork is never used in Uzbek cuisine. Some of the Uzbek dishes are cooked only by men. Some special dishes are prepared only in festivals, holidays and special events. 

Main Dish of Uzbekistan is Plov (pilaf, palov, osh). Herbs and spices, such as coriander, zira (kumin), barberries, sesame, basil (raihon) are most popular in Uzbek cuisine.  






Main courses



Vegetables and fruit

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