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Hovli Poyon, Bukhara

Hovli Poyon Guest House

RECOMMENDED ON GLOBAL CONNECTIn the mid XIX-century a young Bek (nobleman) and successful merchant by name of Urganchi built for himself and his extended family a large residence in what today is known as the Old Town of Bukhara. On the completion of the building a big celebration was held and the Emir, also present, expressed his admiration for the original architecture and the intricacies of the ganch and wood work. He also, however, let be known that a house of such splendor really only befitted an Emir. Urganchi, well aware of the underlying message, swiftly answered: “Your highness, this house I did not build for my own purpose,  all this beauty was erected in your honor, for you alone”, Emir much pleased. The Emir Akhad Khan, took off his coat and draped it around Urganchi’s shoulders, armors and jewelry and all, the sign at the highest distinction at that  time and proclaimed: “From now on, “Hovli Poyon” was  considered the lower estate where as the Ark - was the Upper residence, the palace of Emir. In 1998 - 2015 was made restoration in “Hovli Poyon” and rebuilt ancient view of the house. 

Included: 20% VAT, Breakfast.
Not included: US$ 2.00 City tax per person per night.

NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED - You pay at the property - Save the fees and charges on international bank transfers

  • Check-in: 14:00 
  • Check-out: 12:00
  • Early check-in from 7:00 to 14:00 + 50%
  • Early check-in till 07:00 + 100%
  • Late check-out from 12:00 to 18:00 + 50%
  • Late check-out after 18:00 + 100%

IMPORTANT: Please, be careful when choosing your accommodations, don’t be cheated by attractive prices or any discounts. You have to choose legal and licensed hotels, hostels or guest houses and you will be registered automatically and free of charge. You pay only the hotel fee. The hotels will provide you with a registration paper. Do not lose this paper. You must keep this registration paper to present at customs control when leaving the country.

Hovli Poyon Guest House Services:

Hovli Poyon Guest House Amenities:

  • Parking
  • Hotel Safe

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