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Hotels in Khiva

Recommended hotels in Khiva

The best hotels in Khiva. Budget hotels in Khiva. Cheap hotels in Khiva. Hostels and guest houses in Khiva. Book here at the lowest prices.


asia khiva hotel in khiva
Asia Khiva Hotel

arkanchi hoel in khiva
Arkanchi Hotel

hayat inn hotel in khiva
Hayat Inn Hotel

malika khiva hotel in khiva
Malika Khiva Hotel

meros hotel in khiva
Meros Hotel

old khiva hotel in khiva
Old Khiva Hotel

orient star hotel in khiva
Orient Star Hotel

islambek khiva hotel
Islambek Khiva Hotel

kala hotel, Khiva
Kala Hotel

bek khiva hotel in khiva
Bek Khiva Hotel

qosha darvoza hotel in khiva
Qosha Darvoza Hotel
shahrizoda hotel in khiva
Shaxrizoda Hotel

Zafarbek B&B Hotel
Zafarbek Hotel

Isakhoja B&B Hotel
Isak Hoja Hotel


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