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Domestic flights resume in Uzbekistan

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Domestic flights resume in Uzbekistan 15.05.2020 00:00

Uzbekistan Airways, by decision of the Republican Special Commission for the preparation of a program of measures to prevent the penetration and spread of coronavirus in the Republic of Uzbekistan, gradually resumes flights to the regions of Uzbekistan. In particular, from May 18, the airline resumes flights to Urgench, Nukus, Termez and back according to the following flight schedule:


Departure from Tashkent: 09-00 Arrival in Urgench: 10-30
Departure from Urgench: 13-30 Arrival in Tashkent: 14-50

Tashkent-NUKUS-Tashkent (TUESDAY, FRIDAY)

Departure from Tashkent: 09-00 Arrival in Nukus: 10-40
Departure from Nukus: 13-40 Arrival in Tashkent: 15-00


Departure from Tashkent: 09-00 Arrival in Termez: 10-20
Departure from Termez: 13-20 Arrival in Tashkent: 14-30

Please note that changes have been made to the procedure for registering for a flight and servicing passengers on board an aircraft.

Compliance with quarantine measures, namely wearing protective masks and gloves, maintaining a social distance at the registration desk and on board the aircraft is mandatory. Seating in the cabin will be carried out strictly on boarding passes, unnecessarily moving around the cabin is prohibited.