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What Souvenirs to Bring Home from Uzbekistan

Souvenirs From Uzbekistan to Bring Home

Uzbekistan is rich in various souvenirs, national clothes, ceramics, etc. Shopping in Uzbekistan at the souvenir market is a strong scene, especially in the tourist cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Moreover, there are markets and factories with a large selection and their own history.

What souvenirs to bring home from Uzbekistan

  • Duppi - It is the name of the traditional cap used in the country, it is also called doppi, tubeteika. Most of local people wear duppi and you can find it in every shop for different prices. The average price of duppi is 3-4 USD.
  • Mulberry Paper - It is produced in the ancient tradition way by using ancient technologies. You can watch the process and buy it in the Meros Paper Mill in Konigil, it is located in Samarkand. If plain white paper of good quality lasts for 40-50 years, then Samarkand paper lasts 300-400 years.
  • Uzbek Carpets - Carpet weaving, being one of the types of Uzbek arts and crafts. Cotton and wool were the main raw materials from the products of agriculture and animal husbandry. The types and techniques of making classic Uzbek carpets are well known thanks to samples kept in various museums around the world. In many historical sights you can find carpet shop where you can buy it.
  • Ceramics - The most ancient kind of Uzbek art is the ceramics. Ceramic art (kulolchilik) is one of the most developed crafts in Uzbekistan. There are two kinds of decorative ceramics in Uzbekistan: baked terracotta and slip glaze ceramics. Ceramic art is famous for it's various painted potteries like jugs, vases, lyagans, pialas, cups and different dishes. In every shop you can find ceramics to buy.
  • Painting - Uzbek Culture is one of the brightest and original cultures of the East and painting is one of the reasons. Uzbek paintings are very different from the paintings of other countries. Some of the paintings describe ancient times and you can feel the atmosphere thanks to the clear marks. Buying an Uzbek painting as a souvenir is a very good idea and home decoration.
  • Uzbek National Clothes - It is considered very bright and beautiful. National men’s clothes is the quilted robe – chapan, tied with shawl. Traditional men’s cap is tubeteyka of various types: duppi, kalpon, kallapush and traditional footwear is boots, made of thin leather.

    Traditional Uzbek woman’s suit consists of plain tunic-dress of khan-atlas and wide trousers. Over these clothes women wore robes like man's chapans. Dressy look garments made of atlas fabric and richly laced with golden thread. The indispensable part of national clothes of Uzbek women are gold and silver jewellery.