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Interesting Facts about Armenia

Armenia Interesting Facts

Armenia, officially the Modern Republic of Armenia, is a country in Asia. Here are some interesting facts about Armenia:

  • Armenians make up practically the whole population, making it one of the world's most monoethnic nations today. Russians, Kurds, Ukrainians, and other nationalities make up the remaining 3% of the population, which is made up exclusively of Armenians at around 97%.
  • The oldest winery in the known history of the globe is located in Armenia. In 2011, archaeologists found this winery close to the Areni settlement. This winery, which is housed in a tiny cave, predates all other wineries that have ever been identified elsewhere in the globe.
  • One of the oldest capitals in the world is found in Armenia. Yerevan, which was built 29 years before Rome, is the location of several noteworthy museums in addition to a range of ancient structures.
  • A high number of birds live in Armenia, including 345 of the 530 species thought to exist in all of Europe. Armenia is home to many eagles, swans, and falcons, which are also shown on the nation's coat of arms.
  • Armenia is very interested in sports and participated in the Rio Olympics where they took home gold and silver medals. With wrestling and weightlifting at the forefront of their sporting universe, they appear to be a particularly rugged species.
  • One of the biggest lakes in the world and the largest lake in the Caucasus is Lake Sevan. A monastery complex that is among the top tourist destinations in the nation looms above it.
  • Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Aremenia, including several monasteries and cathedrals that dot Armenia. Several churches are also included among these global heritage monuments.
  • There is a ski resort with 27 km of slopes and a total of six different lifts that will take you to the summit in Armenia, where you may enjoy skiing.
  • The Tatev aerial Tramway, which runs 18,871 feet between the Tatev monastery and the Vorotan River Gorge, is the longest non-stop cable car in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Armenia is one of the earliest nations in the world to produce wine, which is ascribed to its location beneath Mount Ararat, which offers rich valleys perfect for cultivating grapes.
  • In secret underground ovens, the renowned bread lavash is prepared. The term "tonir" refers to these ovens.
  • Merci is a proper way to say "thank you" in Armenian, a language that is incredibly difficult to read and understand. When visiting Armenia, foreign visitors frequently have linguistic barriers.
  • Iran, Turkey, and Soviet Georgia are three of the six nations Armenia has borders with.
  • The use of musical instruments after dark is prohibited in Armenia. Armenian law forbids playing musical instruments like guitars and banjos after dark, and doing so will result in a penalty.
  • Red, blue, and orange are horizontally striped on Armenia's flag. Orange stands for strength and hard labor, blue for the land, and red for the blood shed by Armenians in the past.
  • Armenia is home to one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world as well as the largest lake in the Caucasus. The 1240 sq km Sevana Lich (Lake Sevan) is situated 1,900m (6,234ft) above sea level.
  • Armenia lies on the historical trade route known as the Silk Road, which connected China to Europe and the Middle East.
  • Armenia is where the world's first church was constructed. Early in the fourth century, Holy Etchimiadzin was constructed, becoming the world's first state church.
  • Armenians love a particular kind of fruit called apricots. The fruit is so adored in Armenia that it is added to wine, brandy, and juice.

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