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Interesting Facts about Chad

Chad Interesting Facts

Chad, officially the Republic of Chad, is a country in Africa. Here are some interesting facts about Chad:

  • The flag was adopted in 1960 for the autonomous republic and retained on independence in 1959. And the coat of arms of Chad was adopted in 1970.
  • The 20th largest country in the world and the fifth largest in Africa is Chad.
  • The Sahara desert's highest point is located in Chad.
  • Lake Chad is the source of Chad's name.
  • In 1960, Chad became independent.
  • The most common religion in Chad is Islam.
  • Chad's Official languages are Arabic and French.
  • The national flag of Chad and that of Romania are very similar.
  • The national symbols of Chad are the lion and the goat.
  • The Tibesti Mountains host some of the best camel racing in the world.
  • The major investor in Chad is the United States.
  • Emi Koussi, the highest point in the country, is located in northern Chad and is 3,415 meters high.
  • Rice, sorghum, and millet are among the basic foods in Chad.
  • The name of Chad is unique among nations because it just has one syllable and one vowel.
  • In Chad, people speak more than 100 different languages and dialects.
  • The "Big Five" wild animals - the rhino, lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo - live in Zakouma National Park in Chad.
  • The fifth-largest nation in Africa is Chad.
  • Over 200 different ethnic groups, each with its own language and customs, may be found in Chad.
  • The capital city of Chad is called N'Djamena and it is situated in the west of the country.
  • Lake Chad is home to the Nile perch, an African fish that is one of the biggest freshwater fish.
  • One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Chad is a lake Ounianga which includes 18 lakes in the Sahara Desert. These lakes are unique because of their different depths, colors and chemical composition.
  • Chad is a landlocked country located in Central Africa. It shares borders with Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger.

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