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Interesting Facts about Libya

Libya Interesting Facts

Libya, officially the State of Libya, is a country in Africa. Here are some interesting facts about Libya:

  • People lived in Libya as early as 12000 BC.
  • The national flag of Libya was originally introduced in 1951, after the establishment of the Kingdom of Libya. It was designed by Omar Fayek Shennib and endorsed by King Idris Al-Senussi, who was part of the UN delegation representing the three regions of Cyrenaica, Fezzan and Tripolitania in the UN unification discussions.
  • Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa.
  • Over 90% of Libya is desert or semidesert.
  • The Libyan Sahara Desert is home to a rare volcanic phenomenon, known as the Waw a Namus.
  • Libya was once part of the Greek and Ottoman Empire.
  • Libya was the only country in the world with a simple flag between 1977 and 2011.
  • One of the oldest pre-Saharan cities in Libya is Ghadames.
  • The highest point in Libya is Bikku Bitti Peak, also known as Picco Bette.
  • There are 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Libya, within its boundaries: Leptis Magna, Cyrene, Tadrart Acacus, Sabratha and Ghadames.
  • Tea for Libyans is more than a drink, it is also a tradition.
  • Officially, two main ethnic groups live in Libya: Arabs (87%) and Berbers (10%), the remaining 3% belong to other ethnic groups.
  • People mostly speak in three languages in Libya such as Arabic, English, and Italian.
  • The largest city in Libya is the capital of Tripoli.
  • Some of the popular animals in Libya include dolphins, marbled polecats, and Egyptian tortoises.
  • Libya hosts a very dry and hot climate. Some regions are an uninhabitable area.
  • More than 60% of the country's population do not have access to clean drinking water.
  • The official currency of Libya is the Libyan dinar.
  • Much of Libya is covered in desert, and its plants and wildlife reflect arid conditions.
  • Libya was a monarchy until 1969.
  • Libya was first settled by the Berbers during the Late Bronze Age.
  • Libya borders with Egypt on the east, Sudan on the southeast, Niger and Chad on the south, and Tunisia and Algeria on the west.

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