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Interesting Facts about Iraq

Iraq Interesting Facts

Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq, is a country in Asia. Here are some interesting facts about Iraq:

  • The world's oldest civilization is found in Iraq.
  • Iraq is where the earliest writing in the world first appeared.
  • In 1932, Iraq became independent.
  • The Iraqi flag consists of three horizontal red, white, and black stripes with the words "Allahu akbar" (God is magnificent) written in green. The colors red, green, black, and white represent the readiness to spill blood, the nation's fields, wars, and the purity of intentions and acts.
  • Baghdad, the capital and biggest city of Iraq, is most likely named by the Persian words "bagh" and "dad," which mean "god" and "gift" respectively. This can be translated as "given by God".
  • One of the biggest oil producers in the world is Iraq. It has about 148 billion barrels of oil reserves, which rank sixth in the world as of 2018.
  • Iraq was classified as the second-worst nation in the world for gender equality in the 2020 Global Gender Gap Index.
  • Iraq was a stop on the historic Silk Road, an historical trade route that connected China with Europe and the Middle East. Due to its advantageous geographic location, Baghdad served as a significant economic hub and crossroads on the Silk Road network.
  • The official name of Iraq is the Republic of Iraq, and it is a Middle Eastern nation.
  • Iraq's capital city, Baghdad, is located in the country's eastern center.
  • March 20, 2003 marked the start of the Iraq War.
  • The Second Persian Gulf War is another name for the Iraqi conflict.
  • Eating with the left hand is considered impolite in Iraq.
  • First or second cousins make up nearly half of all married couples in Iraq.
  • Iraq outlawed karate movies in 1979.
  • Masgouf (impaled fish), the national dish of Iraq, and Kleicha (circle or wheel), the national cookie, both have ancient origins.
  • Iraq began competing in the Olympics in 1948, but since then, they have only produced one medal, a bronze in weightlifting from the 1960 Rome Olympics. Iraq has never participated in a Winter Olympic event.
  • The most popular sport in Iraq is soccer. Basketball, boxing, weightlifting, horseback riding, and horse races are other sports that Iraqis enjoy.
  • Iraqis have kept bees for 5,000 years. For many Iraqi families, honey is a crucial food and income source.
  • The Iraqi dinar, from the Latin deni, which means "ten," is the country's official currency.
  • Iraq is located in the Middle East and shares land borders with Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

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