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Naryn River in Uzbekistan

Naryn River, Uzbekistan

The Naryn (Kyrgyz: Нарын, Uzbek: Norin) rises in the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, flowing west through the Fergana Valley into Uzbekistan. Here it merges with the Kara Darya (near Namangan) to form the Syr Darya. It is 807 kilometres (501 mi) long (together with its upper course Chong-Naryn) and its basin area is 59,100 square kilometres (22,800 sq mi). It has an annual flow of 13.7 cubic kilometres (11,100,000 acre⋅ft).

The river contains many reservoirs which are important in the generation of hydroelectricity. The largest of these is the Toktogul Reservoir in Kyrgyzstan containing 19.9 cubic kilometres (16,100,000 acre⋅ft) of water. Dams downstream of the Toktogul in Kyrgyzstan include: Kürpsay, Tash-Kömür, Shamaldy-Say and Üch-Korgon. Upstream of Toktogul in Kyrgyzstan is the Kambar-Ata-2 and At-Bashy Dams while the Kambar-Ata-1 Dam is in planning stages.

Some places along the river: Kyrgyzstan: Kara-Say (see Barskoon), Naryn Region, Naryn, Dostuk, Jalal-Abad Region, Kazarman, Toktogul Reservoir, Kara-Köl, Tash-Kömür.


The main tributaries of the Naryn are, from source to mouth:

  • Kichi-Naryn (right)
  • On-Archa (right)
  • At-Bashy (left)
  • Kajyrty (right)
  • Ala-Buga (left)
  • Kökirim (left)
  • Kökömeren (right)
  • Chychkan (right)
  • Uzun-Akmat (right)
  • Kara-Suu (right)

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