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Sokh River in Uzbekistan

Sokh River, Uzbekistan

The Sokh (Russian: Сох, IPA: [ˈsox], Kyrgyz: Сох, Uzbek: Soʻx) is a river in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It takes its rise at the joint of the north slopes of Alay Mountains and Turkestan Range and ends in Ferghana Valley. The Sokh is a left tributary of the Syr Darya. Currently it is largely used for irrigation. The length of the river is 124 kilometres (77 mi) with a catchment area of 3,510 square kilometres (1,360 sq mi), and average yearly discharge of 42.1 cubic metres per second (1,490 cu ft/s). The maximum discharge is 58.9 m3/s (2,080 cu ft/s) (near Sarykandy village). Sokh is full-flowing in June-August, and it falls in September. Overall, 276 glaciers covering a total area of 258.7 square kilometres (99.9 sq mi) are in the river catchment. Its largest tributary is the Kojashkan.

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