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Chashma Complex in Nurata

Chashma Complex, Nurata

The Chashma complex is a religious complex, a Muslim shrine in the city of Nurata. The complex includes the "chashma" spring itself and a number of historical publications. The name of the source is literally translated from Persian and Tajik as "holy source".

It is the most significant sanctuary at a water body in Central Asia, one of the most visited and revered Muslim holy places in the region. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the complex every year. Most pilgrims are attracted by the miraculous healing water, which is said to heal any disease.

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The Chashma complex is located in the city of Nurata, Navoi region of Uzbekistan, on the border of the Kyzylkum sands, at the base of the walls of the Nurata fortress. The core of the complex is the spring of the same name, which forms a reservoir with sacred fish. There is a revered grave near the spring - the mazar. For centuries, the adjacent territory functioned as a community center (guzar) for the local population. A market, a bathhouse, a tea-house and a hotel functioned not far from the shrine.

According to one of the legends circulating among the local population, a meteorite fell on the site of the complex 40 thousand years ago, which emitted light, and a spring began to flow at the site of the fall. As it turned out, its water has healing properties. Local residents began to call this place nur, that is, "light". From this allegedly came the name of the city Nurata (nur - light/ray, ata - father - Father of light).

The source is located near the ruins of the fortress, which was founded in the IV century BC by Alexander the Great. The fortress is one of the oldest in Uzbekistan. The ruins of the fortification have survived to this day and are of great interest to archaeologists, as well as tourists visiting these places. During the excavations it was found that the fortress was located on a hill and was surrounded by fortress walls. Its rare feature was the plumbing system. Over time, the city of Nurata arose around the source.

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