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Jarkurgan Minaret in Surkhandarya

Jarkurgan Minaret

The Jarkurgan minaret is located approximately 5 kilometers from the city of Jarkurgan and 40 kilometers from Termez, near the village of Minor. This architectural monument dates back to the XII century, which was established thanks to the deciphered inscription on the building. Minarets are one of the forms of oriental architecture, which had its own characteristics and purpose. The word can be translated as emitting light and, indeed, they were originally used as signal towers, a fire lit on top of it often served as a signal of an emergency and the need to gather the population.

As a rule, the minaret was built next to the mosque, in other cases it became part of its composition, it served as a kind of landmark indicating the location of the prayer architectural structure. The minaret was used to call believers to prayer. There was a mosque near the Jarkurgan minaret, which collapsed over time. The minaret itself, according to scientists, was almost twice as high and there was a lantern at its top. But even in its modern state, the building has a complete image.

Its unusual appearance attracts attention, it differs from most buildings of this type. It is decorated with curly herringbone brickwork, which gives the building a graceful look. Now the object is an important architectural monument of Uzbekistan, decorating the area and attracting tourists interested in oriental architecture, the history of the country and simply unusual sights.

Tourists who come to get acquainted with the sights of Termez usually reach the Jarkurgan minaret. This small city located in the south of the country, along with Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, is one of the most popular travel routes in Uzbekistan. Here you can visit the archaeological museum, which stores finds that shed light on the history of the development of the area. The Sultan Saodat ensemble is also interesting, which includes mausoleums, mosques and other historical buildings built in different years.

In the old city you can see the majestic mausoleum of Hakim-at-Termizi, considered a sacred place. Another architectural monument of the city is the Khanaka Kokildor-ota, the structure was erected in the XI century, the remains of the holy Kokildor-ota, revered among Muslims, were buried in it.

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