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Hazrat Daud Cave in Samarkand

Hazrat Daud Cave, Samarkand

Hazrat Daud Cave (Cave of St.David) is one of the famous holy places in Uzbekistan. The legendary cave is located in 40 km to the south-west from Samarkand, in the Aksay village. The cave and all complex Hazrat-Daud is a very interesting for tourists, it is an exotic place.

According to legend biblical king David was escaping from the enemies and created the cave pushing huge rocks by bare hands.

hazrat_daud_cave_samarkand_1.jpg hazrat_daud_cave_samarkand_2.jpg hazrat_daud_cave_samarkand.jpg

To get to this sacred place the pilgrims have to overcome the hard way in 2000 steps. There is a small Muslim house on the top of the mountain. Every pilgrim prays in it before coming to Hazrat Daud Cave.

There are 200 steps more from the Muslim house leading you to the cave. The cave has narrow corridor with width from 0.5 to 4 meters and length of 30 meters. It’s height is 15 meters.


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