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Interesting Facts about Belgium

Belgium Interesting Facts

Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a country in Europe. Here are some interesting facts about Belgium:

  • There is no Belgian language. Belgium has three official languages such as Dutch, French, and German.
  • The most famous sport in Belgium is football.
  • Belgian national symbol is a peeing boy. Boy's name is Manneken Pis. According to the legend, a boy put out the fire from spreading in Brussels by peeing on it.
  • French fries were invented actually by Belgians.
  • Belgium has over 1000 different types of beer. Moreover, every Belgian beer has a matching glass.
  • Belgium has one of the highest tax rates in the world. If you earn more than 40,000 EUR per year, income tax is 50%.
  • Belgians make flower carpets.
  • It is not Santa Claus who comes to Belgium, but Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas.
  • Belgians co-invented the World Wide Web (www).
  • Saxophone was invented by Belgian.
  • Belgium holds the world record for the longest period without a government.
  • Brussels is the capital of Belgium and its largest city.
  • Belgium got its name from the Romans.
  • Belgium is one of the founding members of the EU, WTO, OECD, NATO, and the Eurozone.
  • Belgium hold the world record for the export of billiard balls.
  • Blegian discovered the Big Bang theory.
  • It costs money to use a public bathroom in Belgium. It costs about 30-50 EUR cents.
  • Belgians are the second tallest nation in the world.
  • Smurfs and Tintin come from Belgium.
  • The longest tram line can be found in Belgium.
  • Europe's first skyscraper was built in Belgium.

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