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Interesting Facts about Bolivia

Bolivia Interesting Facts

Bolivia, officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia, is a country in South America. Here are some interesting facts about Bolivia:

  • Bolivia has more than 30 widely spoken languages.
  • Bolivia has two capital cities, La Paz (administrative capital city) and Sucre (official capital city).
  • Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world which is located in Bolivia.
  • Bolivia was called Upper Peru before its independence.
  • Traditional long-pleated skirts of Bolivian women represent their repression under the colonial authorities.
  • The flag of Bolivia symbolizes its history. The red on the flag means the blood that was shed while fighting for freedom. Yellow means the country's wealth and valuable things underground, while green means the country has great farming and pretty scenery.
  • Bolivia ranks highest among South American countries.
  • Almost half of all the animals and plants on the planet are in Bolivia.
  • Bolivians eat Guinea pig as a delicacy.
  • Bolivia has sanctuaries dedicated to the preservation and protection of butterflies.
  • The biggest salt flats in the world are located in Bolivia.
  • There are people dressed as zebras in Bolivia that help people, especially children, cross the road carefully and also teach them road safety.
  • There is a hotel in Bolivia built by salt blocks known as the Palacio de Sal.
  • The country of Bolivia has been named in honor of Simón Bolívar, a Venezuelan leader.
  • In Bolivia, it's possible to cycle down along the "World's Most Hazardous Path".
  • There is a place in La Paz where you can find a market where witches sell their products.
  • Three types of pink flamingos live in Bolivia out of the six species in the world.
  • Bolivia has two different voting ages. If you are married, you can vote at the age of 18 but if you’re single you have to reach 21.
  • Commonly said that Bolivia is the least expensive country to travel to in South America.

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