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Interesting Facts about Hungary

Hungary Interesting Facts

Hungary, officially the Hungarian People's Republic, is a country in Europe. Here are some interesting facts about Hungary:

  • Clinking beer glasses in Hungary is considered indecent.
  • Hungarian is a unique language in Europe. It is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn.
  • Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe.
  • Hungary still has cowboys. They are called "Csikos".
  • Budapest has the highest number of thermal springs in the world.
  • You can’t name your child unless it is approved by the government.
  • One of the famous inventions of Hungary is the Rubik's Cube.
  • The largest lake in Europe is located in Hungary.
  • Hungary is a home for the world's first official wine region.
  • The national sport of Hungary is a water polo.
  • The national dish of Hungary is gulyas.
  • Hungary is one of the Central Europe's landlocked countries.
  • The third largest parliament building in the wolrd is located in Budapest.
  • Using the last name is common in Hungary.
  • Budapest has the second oldest underground in the world.
  • The second largest synagogue in the world is located in Budapest.
  • The Hungarians say that Palinka cures all pains. This beverage is a traditional fruit brandy with Hungarian origins made from fruits such as apricot, plum and apple.
  • The magic number in Hungary is 96.
  • Paprika is Hungary’s most popular spice and a symbol of its cuisine. There are more than 40 varieties of paprika grown in Hungary.
  • Hungary has won more than 465 Olympic medals.
  • Hungary shares land borders with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia.

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