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Interesting Facts about Slovakia

Slovakia Interesting Facts

Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic, is a country in Europe. Here are some interesting facts about Slovakia:

  • Bratislava is the only city in the world that borders two countries.
  • Slovakia is one of the smallest countries in Europe.
  • The highest wooden altar is located in Slovakia.
  • The tallest cave column in the world is also located in Slovakia.
  • It is possible to celebrate two birthdays in Slovakia.
  • The world's newest and most accurate astronomical clock is located in Slovakia.
  • Slovak people love Andy Warhol.
  • You can travel for free in Slovakia if you are under 26.
  • Half of Slovakia is covered with forest.
  • The world's smallest nature reserve is located in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia has many rivers and the longest one is the Vah.
  • Slovakia is a home for more than 180 castles.
  • The world's oldest wooden church is located in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia has a vibrant music and dance scene and is home to many traditional folk songs and dances.
  • World's most beautiful caves are located in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia is rich in its cuisine.
  • Devil's Rock can be found in Slovakia.
  • The highest statue of a horse in the world is located in Slovakia.
  • The oldest toy was found in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia shares land borders with Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland.

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