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Interesting Facts about Austria

Austria Interesting Facts

Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a country in Europe. Here are some interesting facts about Austria:

  • The highest waterfall in Europe is located in Austria. It is called Krimml Waterfalls and the waterfall reaches a height of 380 meters. The Krimml waterfalls are considered one of the most famous sights in Austria.
  • Austria is a home for the world's largest ice cave. It is located in Werfen and extends for almost 42 kilometers.
  • Austria borders on 8 countries. All neighboring countries are located in Europe.
  • Austria is considered one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world.
  • The highest point of Austria is the mountain Grossglockner, it's 3,798 m.
  • Austria was one of the most powerful countries in the world in the 19th century. The total area was almost 700,000 square kilometers.
  • The postcards were first published in Austria.
  • Austria became a member of the European Union in 1995.
  • The Austrian flag is one of the oldest national flags in the world.
  • There are 6 non-NATO European countries and Austria is one of them.
  • The first woman ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize was Austrian. Her name was Bertha von Suttner and she won it in 1905.
  • The oldest zoological garden in the world is located in Austria. It is called Tiergarten Schonbrunn and it was founded in 1752.
  • The sewing machine was invented by Austrian Joseph Madersperger in 1818.
  • When a child turns 14, he can decide on his religion. Religious freedom is important in Austria.
  • Military training is mandatory for all Austrian men.
  • Such famous people as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, I. Strauss, Bruckner, Mahler were born in Austria.
  • Energy drink "Red Bull" was created in Austria.
  • Vienna has been named the world's most liveable city in 2019.
  • The Vienna Central Cemetery contains nearly three million graves, including those of Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss and Brahms.
  • The largest and most important opera and theater in Europe is the Salzburg Festival, which is located in Austria.
  • One of the most choirs in the world is the Vienna Boys Choir.
  • The founder of the Porsche car company was born in Austria.
  • One of the world's oldest amusement parks is located in Vienna, it is called Prater.
  • The name Austria comes from the German word "austro", which means "east".
  • Approximately one quarter of the population of Austria lives in Vienna.
  • 62% of Austria is covered by the Austrian Alps.
  • Austria is a landlocked country.
  • Austria was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Hitler was Austrian.
  • Austria is home to the oldest restaurant in Europe. Mozart and Christopher Columbus dined in this restaurant. It is called St. Peter Stiftskulinarium.
  • Croissants are not French, they come from Austria.
  • Waltz became popular because of Austria.

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