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Interesting Facts about Namibia

Namibia Interesting Facts

Namibia, officially tthe Republic of Namibia, is a country in Africa. Here are some interesting facts about Namibia:

  • Namibia is home to the world’s oldest desert.
  • Namibia is home to desert elephants.
  • More than 30 languages are spoken in Namibia.
  • The largest underwater lake in the world is located in Namibia.
  • One of the highest sand dunes in the world is in Namibia.
  • Namibia is the second least populated country.
  • In Namibia you can find pieces of the Gibeon meteorite.
  • There are 13 ethnic groups in Namibia.
  • Namibia has one of the largest concentrations of rock art in Africa.
  • Namibia was colonized by South Africa.
  • The largest population of free-roaming cheetahs in the world are living in Namibia.
  • Namibia became independent in 1990.
  • The second-largest canyon in the world is located in Namibia.
  • Namibia was the first African country to use electronic voting in its presidential elections.
  • The Skeleton Coast in Namibia is the world's largest burial site for sailors and ships.
  • Almost 20% of Namibia is protected by national parks such as Etosha.
  • The Namibian dollar is interchangeable with the South African rand.
  • The Cape Cross Seal Sanctuary in Namibia is the world's largest fur seal breeding colony.
  • Namibia borders South African, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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