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Letter of Invitation to Kazakhstan (LOI)

Letter of Invitation to Kazakhstan

To get a Letter of Invitation to Kazakhstan, please do the following:

      Many travel agents "make" tourists buy a tour package with a fixed itinerary. Our company doesn't "make" you do that.

      Kazakhstan Invitation Letter

      Kazakhstan Visa regulations with some countries:

      1. The citizens of the following countries do not need an entry visa to Kazakhstan:

      • Georgia (up to 90 days)
      • Ukraine (up to 90 days)
      • Argentina (up to 30 days)
      • Brazil (up to 30 days), Serbia (up to 30 days)
      • Turkey (up to 30 days)
      • Mongolia (up to 90 days)
      • Ecuador (up to 30 days)
      • Azerbaijan (up to 30 days)
      • Armenia (up to 90 days)
      • Belarus (up to 90 days)
      • Kyrgyzstan (up to 90 days)
      • Moldovia (up to 90 days)
      • Russia (up to 90 days)
      • Tajikistan (up to 30 days)
      • Uzbekistan (up to 30 days)
      • Hong Kong (up to 14 days)

      2. Starting from September 2019 the visa free regime was expanded for the following countries:

      • All European Union countries
      • Australia
      • Bahrain
      • Canada
      • Chile
      • Colombia
      • Iceland
      • Indonesia
      • Israel
      • Japan
      • Kuwait
      • Liechtenstein
      • Malaysia
      • Mexico
      • Monaco
      • New Zealand
      • Norway
      • Oman
      • Philippines
      • Qatar
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Singapore
      • Switzerland
      • Thailand
      • United States
      • Vatican
      • Vietnam

      The citizens of the above mentioned countries may enter the territory of the country with all types of valid passports for a stay for up to 30 days.

      The nationals of those countries which are not mentioned above should have a letter of invitationto obtain a tourist visa to Kazakhstan.

      Price for the Kazakh Letter of Invitation (LOI) for 2020-2021:

      Duration of stay
      Duration of LOI process
      (working day)
      Price of LOI including
      registration of stay
      (US dollars)
      90 days visa with
      single entry
      up to 30 days stay
      7-10 working days 110 USD
      • Children under 16 – half price!
      • 20 USD for each additional entry (double or triple entry visa)

      Electronic Visas. As of 1 January 2019 the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced a procedure for obtaining a single entry visa for foreigners in electronic format, valid for entering and exiting the territory of Kazakhstan through the checkpoints of international airports of Nur-Sultan and Almaty only.

      If you have any questions give us a call or email us