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Uzbekistan Ceramic Art

Ceramic Art in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Ceramic Uzbek ceramic
Uzbek Ceramic

The most Ancient Kind of Uzbek Art is the Ceramics.

Ceramic Art (kulolchilik) is one of the most developed crafts in Uzbekistan.

There are two kinds of decorative ceramics in Uzbekistan: baked terracotta and slip glaze ceramics. Ceramic Art is famous for it's various painted potteries like jugs, vases, lyagans, pialas, cups and different dishes.

Throughout the centuries there are were a lot of outstanding Ceramic Art Schools in Uzbekistan. The most famous of them were in Rishtan, Khiva, Gijduvan, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. Each region was distinguished for own style.

Ceramic statuettes and souvenirs are very popular as well.