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Uzbek Dance

Uzbek Dance 

Uzbek Dance - is one of the oldest forms of art. Since ancient times, Uzbek dances were very popular in the East. 

There are two categories of Uzbek Dance:

  1. Traditional classical
  2. National (folklore) dance

Traditional classical dance is an art – who taught in dance schools and show it on the stage. There are three popular schools of traditional classical Dance in Uzbekistan

  1. Khorezm
  2. Fergana
  3. Bukhara

Khorezm Dance. The Khorezm dance is famous for its fiery nature. "Lazgi" is the most popular dance among Khorezm dances. 

Ferghana Dance. The Fergana dance is very fluent and lyrical, and it is usually danced in large groups during holidays and weddings. 

Bukhara Dance. The Bukhara dance is very complex. Bukhara dance is famous for it's sharpness of gestures, leaned back shoulders and very beautiful goldwork clothes. 

National (folklore) dance is more free form of dance. It differs with it's cheerfulness, lyricism and diverse. Folk dance may vary depending on the region and each region adds to it its own characteristics, movements, values. 

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