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Silk Road Samarkand Tourist Complex

Tourist Complex Silk Road Samarkand

Information about Touristic Complex Silk Road Samarkand

Touristic center "Silk Road Samarkand" is located in the city Samarkand and the square of the complex is 260 hectares. It includes 8 hotels, 14 villas, congress centre, restaurants, parks, alleys, shopping area, enternal city, etc. The complex is built around a rowing canal, which gives a very beautiful view and the opportunity to ride a boat.

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The Eternal City

This site which occupies 17 hectares accurately recreates the spirit of the ancient city backed up by the history and traditions of Uzbek lands and Uzbek people for the guests of the Silk Road Samarkand. The narrow streets here house multiple shops of artists, artisans, and craftsmen.

The pavilions of the Eternal City were inspired by real houses and picturesque squares described in ancient books. This is where you can plunge into a beautiful oriental fairy tale: with turquoise domes, mosaics on palaces, and high minarets that pierce the sky.

Visitors to the Eternal City can taste national dishes from different eras and regions of the country and also see authentic street performances. The Eternal City showcases a unique mix of Parthian, Hellenistic, and Islamic cultures so that the guests could imagine the versatile heritage of bygone centuries in full splendor. The project was inspired and designed by Bobur Ismoilov, a famous modern artist.

Here you can walk along the streets of Samarkand, Bukhara, Ferghana, Tashkent, Khorezm, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, and Karakalpakstan without even leaving the SilkRoad Samarkand resort.

Hotels in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Samarkand Regency Amir Temur (5 stars)
  • Silk Road by Minyoun (5 stars)
  • Savitsky Plaza (4 stars)
  • Lia! by Minyoun Stars of Ulugbek (4 stars)
  • Welness Park Hotel Afrosiyob (4 stars)
  • Welness Park Hotel Sogd (4 stars)
  • Welness Park Hotel Bactria (4 stars)
  • Welness Park Hotel Turon (4 stars)

Eco-village villas in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Villa Superiour
  • Villa Premium
  • Villa Executive
  • Villa Grand

Breakfast Restaurants in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • The Seasons Restaurant
  • The Khmelnov Beer Restaurant
  • The Gourmet Market Restaurant
  • The Foodrink Restaurant
  • The Khamsa Restaurant
  • The Marakand Restaurant
  • The Sumalak Restaurant
  • The Bustan Restaurant

Lobby Bars in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Samarkand Regency Amir Temur Lobby Bar
  • The Charlotte Coffee House
  • Savitsky Plaza Lobby Bar
  • Ming Lounge
  • Tea Station
  • Welness Park Hotel Afrosiyob Lobby Bar

Pool Bars in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Silk Road by Minyoun Pool Bar
  • Samarkand Regency Amir Temur Pool Bar

Nightclub in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Sky Bar
  • Li Bai

Fitobars in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Nephrite Spa&Welness
  • Mirrage Spa&Welness

Restaurants in Enternal City of Silk Road Samarkand:

  • The Afrosiyob Restaurant
  • The Buyuk Samarkand Restaurant
  • Plov Cafe Teahouse
  • Chai Cafe Teahouse
  • Tandoor Bakery

Boats in Silk Road Samarkand:

  • Regular boat (8 seats)
  • Chinese boat (30 seats)
  • Italiat VIP boat (20 seats)

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