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Uzbekistan Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about Uzbekistan

  • On August 31, 1991 Uzbekistan declared independence, marking September 1 as a national holiday
  • Uzbekistan is the 56th largest country in the world by area and the 42nd by population
  • Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries in the world;
  • The coordinates of Uzbekistan 41.0000 ° N 69.0000 °;
  • The total land area of ​​Uzbekistan is 172,742 square miles (447,400 square kilometers);
  • Highest point: Hissar ridge (4643 meters above sea level)
  • The lowest point depression Mynbulak (-12.8 meters below sea level)
  • Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein are the only "double single" countries in the world;
  • The average life span is 70 years here;
  • The people of Uzbekistan enjoy long, hot summers and mild winters;
  • Uzbekistan grows vegetables, fruit, cotton and corn and rears cattle.
  • The industry consists of food processing, textiles, metallurgy, machinery and natural gas;
  • Uzbekistan also exports gold, cotton, energy products, metals and mineral fertilizers;
  • Algorithm derives from the name of the Uzbek Scientist Khwarezmi;
  • Uzbekistan has the best melons and watermelons in the world;
  • Gold reserves of Uzbekistan are ranked fourth in the world after South Africa, the USA and Russia. And as for the extraction of gold - the second place among the CIS countries after Russia;
  • Uranium reserves of Uzbekistan are ranked seventh in the world after Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, South Africa and Ukraine, and the third in the world in its export after Kazakhstan and Australia;
  • On reserves and production of copper and tungsten Uzbekistan is among the top ten countries in the world;
  • Uzbekistan's top 5 producers of cotton in the world;
  • Uzbeks are the largest nation in Central Asia;
  • Samarkand and Bukhara are over 2700 years old cities;
  • Arranged are married still common;
  • Bread is "Honored". never throw Uzbeks or step on the bread;
  • Early human tools and monuments in Ferghana, Tashkent, Bhukharra, Khorezm (Khwarezm, Chorasmia) and Samarkand regions found;
  • The territory of Uzbekistan was populated in the second millennium BC;
  • Tashkent - one of the few cities in the world where you can see the starry night sky and it’s possible because of low gas content


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