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Uzbekistan Traditions

Traditions in Uzbekistan 

Traditions and customs of Uzbek people living on the crossroad of the Great Silk Road were taking shape within many centuries as a result of interaction of Zoroastrian rituals of the Sogdians and Bactrians and traditions of nomadic tribes, with certain impact of Islamic traditions and rites set by the Koran in later period.

Travelling in Uzbekistan tourists can both see the architectural gems of Uzbekistan and whenever possible take part in the celebration of the most cherished national and folk holiday of Uzbek people.

Each itinerary includes a visit to a national house where tourists can learn about lifestyle of local people, taste the national Uzbek cuisine and enjoy the folklore show.

Uzbek national cuisine is rather delicious. Rich traditions and ancient culture of Uzbeks’ cooking have a history of many centuries. A wide assortment of products is used and each dish reflects the lifestyle and culture of the Uzbek people. The delicious Uzbek national cuisine is unlikely to leave indifferent even the most pernickety gourmet.

Customs and traditions in Uzbekistan: