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Nowruz Holiday in Iran

Celebrating Navruz in Iran

If you are planning to visit Iran in March in early Spring then you are very lucky, because you are able to experience very special holiday in Iran and it is Navruz.

In Farsi the word “Navruz” means “New day” since on March 21 the duration of day and night are equal and on this date Navruz is celebrated. In many oriental countries Nowruz represents the beginning of the year and is called New Year. Although it is celebrated in several countries, in Iran people celebrate it in a unique way representing their culture and tradition.

Navruz is more than a holiday for Iranian people, people forget all grieves, help the poor and forgive each other. Iranian people take part in Khashars which is an event that people join together and do cleanings, whiten trees and do other volunteer work. People perform traditional dances, perform ritual songs, exchange gifts and organize folk festivals.

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The main food of Nowruz is Sumalak and people do not celebrate Navruz without it. Sumalak which is the symbol of Navruz is made from germinated wheat and people cook this traditional food whole night.

Those who taste Sumalak for the first time make wishes and it is believed that those wishes will come true. Except Sumalak women cook a range of national foods like plow or somsa and hand out to friends, neighbors and relatives. If you visit Iran in spring you will surely witness this amazing holiday which represents true culture and traditions of Iranian people since it is celebrated in all parts of Iran. 

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