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Uzbekistan Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Uzbekistan

Living in Uzbekistan is to live in one of the most vibrant, historical, and interesting countries on the planet.

According to the statistics the living cost in Uzbekistan is lower compare to another countries. The cost of living in Uzbekistan is different, it depends in which city you are going to live. The most expensive city in Uzbekistan is Tashkent (capital city).

Generally, the main expenses in Uzbekistan are rent for the apartment, transportation, and food. However, except of these there are expenses such as entertainment, shopping, utilities, etc.

Below you can check the expenses in Uzbekistan

Expenses for a rent of an apartment in Uzbekistan:

apartment_rent_in_uzbekistan.jpg apartments_in_uzbekistan.jpg apartment_in_uzbekistan.jpg

The cost of the rent depends on the location, condition, and square of the apartment.

Apartment with 1 bedroom – 300-400 USD (average price);

Apartment with 3 bedrooms – 700-800 USD (average price);

Hostels - 10-15 USD per night for a bed in dormitory room, including breakfast;

Budget hotels - 35-40 USD per night for single room, including breakfast and 50-60 USD per night for twin/double room, including breakfast;

Luxury and boutique hotels - 90-140 USD per night for single room, including breakfast and 120-200 USD per night for twin/double room, including breakfast;

Expenses for a transportation in Uzbekistan:

When it comes to public transport, traffic jams, waste of time, crowds come to mind first of all. The transprtation expenses included in the living cost in Uzbekistan as one of the main expenses. However, the cost says another side.

transports_in_uzbekistan.jpg uzbekistan_transports.jpg transportation_in_uzbekistan.jpg

Basically, there are three types of transports which are available in every city of Uzbekistan, these transports are bus, taxi, and train. At the same time, the capital city Tashkent has a metro and the ancient city Samarkand has a tram.

Public transport tickets in Uzbekistan are much cheaper than in other countries. Below you can compare the price of the public transport with your own country.

Public transport prices:

Bus ticket (one way) - 0.12 USD;

Tram ticket (one way) - 0.12 USD;

Metro ticket (it will expire after leaving the station until that no limit) - 0.12 USD;

Taxi (depends on the company) - 0.10-0.20 USD per km., (average price);

Train (one way) - the price depends on point A and B;

Expenses for a food in Uzbekistan:

Uzbek cuisine is considered one of the most delicious and at the same time fatty and heavy. The list of the products here is huge, it is possible to find most of the ingradients for cooking.

food_in_uzbekistan.jpg food_expenses_in_uzbekistan.jpg expenses_for_a_food.jpg

Actually, food prices are not expensive compared to other countries and not very different amogn the cities of Uzbekistan.

Average cost of food and drink in Uzbekistan:

Coffee/Tea - 0,5-2 USD

Domestic beer (0,5 l) - 0,5-1 USD

Bottled water (0,5 l) - 0,25-0,5 USD

Lunch (two course and salad) - 4-20 USD

Dinner (two courses, salad and dessert) - 6-25 USD


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