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Zang - Traditional Uzbek Musical instrument

Instrument of Uzbek Music, Zang

Zang is a traditional Uzbek musical instrument,  made in the form of bracelets with small brass or copper bells. Such bracelets are put on the wrists and ankles of a dancing girl performing ancient Sogdian dance-pantomime "Zang".


  • Dutor (long-necked fretted lute)
  • Rubob (long-necked fretted lute)
  • Tanbur (long-necked fretted lute)
  • Tor (long-necked fretted lute)
  • Ud (long-necked fretted lute)
  • Gʻijjak (spike fiddle)
  • Chang (struck zither)


  • Karnay (long trumpet)
  • Nay (side-blown flute)
  • Qoʻshnay (clarinet like instrument made from reed)
  • Surnay (loud oboe)