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National Currency of Uzbekistan

National Currency of Uzbekistan

National Currency of Uzbekistan is sum (also som, soum). The ISO 4217 currency code is UZS. One Uzbek sum is one hundred tiyin. The first banknotes were issued by the State Bank of Uzbekistan in 1993. All of the denominations share the same designs: the Coat of arms of Uzbekistan on the front and the Medressa on Registan Square in Samarkand. The second and current series, issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzberkistan, were released in 1994 in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 som. A 200 som banknote was issued in 1997, the 500 som in 1999, the 1000 som in 2001, the 5000 som in 2013 and the 10000 banknote was issued in 2017.

1994-2013 Series
Image Value Description Date of printing
Obverse Reverse Reverse
UZS1 1994 front.jpg UZS1 1994 back.jpg 1 som Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Tashkent 1994
UZS3 1994 front.jpg UZS3 1994 back.jpg 3 som Mosque of Chashma-Ayub mausoleum in Bukhara
UZS5 1994 front.jpg UZS5 1994 back.jpg 5 som Alisher Navoi Monument in Tashkent
UZS10 1994 front.jpg UZS10 1994 back.jpg 10 som Gur-Emir Mausoleum in Samarkand
UZS25 1994 front.jpg UZS25 1994 back.jpg 25 som The Mausoleum of Kazi Zade Rumi in the Shah-i-Zinda complex inSamarkand
UZS50 1994 front.jpg UZS50 1994 back.jpg 50 som The three Madrasahs of the Registan in Samarkand
UZS100 1994 front.jpg UZS100 1994 back.jpg 100 som Bunyodkor Palace in Tashkent
UZS200 1997 front.jpg UzbekistanP80-200sum-1997-donatedoy b.jpg 200 som Detail of a tiger mosaiс on the Sher-Dor Madrasah at the Registan in Samarkand 1997
UZS500 1999 front.jpg UzbekistanP81-500sum-1999-donatedoy b.jpg 500 som Statue of Timur in Tashkent 1999
UZS1000 2001 front.jpg UZS1000 2001 back.jpg 1000 som Amir Timur Museum in Tashkent 2001
UZS5000 2013 front.jpg UZS5000 2013 rear.jpg 5000 som National Assembly (Oliy Majlis) in Tashkent 2013
10000_sum_front.jpg 10000_sum_back.jpg 10000 som Senate (Senat) in Tashkent 2017


In Uzbekistan coins available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 sum.

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