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Amir Temur Museum in Tashkent

Amir Temur Museum, Tashkent

The Amir Timur Museum is located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. It opened in 1996, and is dedicated to Amir Timur (Tamerlane).

After Uzbekistan became independent in 1991, much attention was given to the revival of the nation's spiritual and cultural heritage, including recognition of historical persons who had an important role in world civilization. Among those was Amir Temur, the warlord, politician and reformer, patron of science, education, trade, culture, and craft.

Having established a great-centralized state, he strengthened its power and united many nations and people. Amir Temur's rule promoted science, education, culture, architecture, fine arts, music and poetry, laying the foundations of the Timurid Renaissance.

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Former President Islam Karimov encouraged celebration of Timur, linking the Mongol ruler's achievements with the President's own style of governance. Karimov declared 1996 to be the “Year of Amir Temur”, and the 660th anniversary was widely celebrated in Uzbekistan, and the republic subsequently resolved to build a state museum in central Tashkent, featuring the Timurid history.

There are more than 5,000 artifacts in the museum collection, with more than 2,000 displayed in museum exhibition halls. In particular, the museum displays focus on the genealogy of Amir Temur, his coming to power, the military campaigns of Sahib Kiran, diplomatic and trade relations, workmanship, city improvement and landscaping, and science and education development.

There are also exhibits related to representatives of the Timurid dynasty, including maps, weapons, copper and silver coins, miniatures, rare manuscripts, potteries, and jewelry.

The museum attracts more than 2 million visitors annually. It is visited by foreign statesmen and official delegations, and more than 800 such delegations have been recorded in the museum guest book.

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