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Amir Timur Square in Tashkent

Amir Timur Square, Tashkent

Tashkent Amir Temur Square - is located in the Heart of the Tashkent city.

The square was laid in front of the headquarters of the Turkestan military district on the initiative of Mikhail Chernyaev and according to the project of architect Nikolai Ulyanov in 1882 at the intersection of two central streets of the new city - Moskovsky and Kaufmanovsky Avenue. The square received the name of Konstantinovsky.

Over its short history, the square changed six names, twice became either pedestrian or traffic, and in its center ten different monuments and monuments replaced each other.

On August 31, 1994, on the eve of the third anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan, the square was renamed the square of Amir Timur. And a new monument was opened in its center - a bronze equestrian monument to Tamerlan, the great statesman and commander of the Middle Ages, one of the founders of Uzbek statehood.

Amir Temur square in Tashkent - the main square of Tashkent is covered with green trees, pavements are decortaed with flowers. The Statute faces the Independence Square and between the two squares is located Broadway.

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1882 - Konstantinovsky Square

1913 - Kaufman Square

1918 - Square named after Maria Spiridonova

1918 - Square of the Revolution

1991 - Central Square

1994 - Amir Temur Square


1889 - Kaufman's grave

1913 - a monument to the troops who conquered Central Asia

1918 - a monument to the fighters of the revolution, a banner and guns

1918 - monument “Emancipated labor”, sickle and hammer

1927 - a column with a dome “October is the lighthouse of the world revolution. 1917 - 1927 "

1930 - a bust of Lenin and “Five-year plan at 4 years old!”

1930 - granite pedestal of a former monument surrounded by serfs

1935 - roadway

1948 - monument to Stalin

1961 - obelisk in honor of the Communism Program, "Russian-Uzbek Dictionary"

1968 - monument to Karl Marx

1994 - statue of Amir Temur

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