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Day of Memory

Day of Memory in Uzbekistan

In 1999, May 9 in Tashkent was solemnly opened “Square of Memorial” and since that time it has been celebrated as the national holiday named after “Day of Memory and Remembrance”. 

Day of Memory and Remembrance is important in ensuring the continuity of national values, memory of patriotism and bravery of ancestors, showing respect and deference to the representatives of older generation, as well.

The Day of Remembrance and Honor, also known as Memorial Day in Uzbekistan, is a celebration that honors the sacrifices made by earlier generations in order to provide the nation's people the joyous hope it has now.
While paying a steep price in the process, the Uzbek SSR significantly aided the Allied troops during World War II.

Women and elderly people toiled to make a living and assist the war effort at home as hundreds of thousands of Uzbek men fought on the front lines. Several migrants who migrated to the area during that time were also welcomed by the region. More than 450,000 of its troops and residents had died by the time the conflict was over.

On May 9, Uzbek citizens join millions of people from all around the former Soviet Union in expressing gratitude to veterans for their valor and service. Both urban and rural communities host memorial concerts and charitable activities, and survivors of World War II soldiers are honored at special banquets and award ceremonies. When people assemble nearby to observe a moment of quiet, new flower bouquets are placed at World War II memorials.

Every Uzbek who died in World War II is memorialized in the Walk of Fame and Memory at Mustakillik Plaza (Independence Square) in Tashkent. A memorial lane that leads to a huge bronze statue of the Mourning Mother sobbing in front of an everlasting flame is flanked on either side by inscriptions. The woman represents both the individual sadness of every mother who lost a son in the conflict and the nation of Uzbekistan's collective grief at such a tragic loss.

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