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New Year's Day, Uzbekistan

Uzbek New Year

New Year's Day is a public holiday in Uzbekistan. It is a day off for the general population, and most businesses and non-essential services are closed, although retail businesses do open on this day.

In Uzbekistan, the New Year is often grander and even more widely celebrated than any other holidays, which takes place on December 31. Uzbekistan people welcome a new year by saying, "Yangi Yil bilan!" or "S Novim Godom". Be prepared to say it often if you're traveling around Uzbekistan in the middle of December.

New Year’s Day is quite possibly the most positive and forward-looking holiday for Uzbekistan people. Late family dinners, sparkling wine and fireworks at midnight are some of the traditional ways of celebrating New Year’s Day in Uzbekistan. A decorated fir tree, "Qor Bobo" and his granddaughter "Qor Qiz" are the common symbols of New Year’s Day in Uzbekistan.

New Year’s Day in Uzbekistan is a family holiday for many people. Family dinner usually starts late on December 31. Every family tries to set a rich table with traditional meals, salads, fruits, sweets, snacks and etc.

To properly meet the New Year, you have to say goodbye to the old year. So before midnight, usually around 10 pm, everyone gathers at the table to discuss the year that's ending, to revisit its best moments, and to wish each other good luck and new achievements in the coming year.

It's also believed that to honor the new year, it's best to wear new clothes, or at least new underwear. That's why underwear, socks, t-shirts etc. are popular presents. To make sure that the wish comes true, you need to write it down on a scrap of paper, burn it, throw the ashes into the champagne glass and drink it - all before the clock strikes 12!

A pre-recorded address by Uzbekistan’s president appears on TV, listing the achievements of the past year, at 11.55 pm local time. Many people watch his address and raise a toast with champagne to the chiming of the clock.

The Uzbek national anthem begins at midnight and people congratulate each other and exchange presents. Some people go out to make a snowman or light fire crackers in their backyards.

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People may celebrate the day at a friend’s house or attend the fireworks in their city. As things quieten down later in the day, many people visit their friends or relatives.

How to say Happy New Year in Uzbek: "Yang Yilingiz bilan!" And reply is: "Sizni ham yangi yiligiz bilan!"

Be sure to check event calendars for big outdoor gatherings or New Year parties in whichever city you plan on visiting.

No matter where you find yourself on New Year's Eve, we hope that you feel the joy and the magic of this unique holiday. We hope that you are optimistic about the future, and we hope you are with the people you love. As Uzbek people say: The way you meet the New Year is the way you will spend it. So Happy New Year!

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